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Super Mario Bros
10 curiosities about Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. has been captivating players with its hidden gems since its release in 1985. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the game's most intriguing mysteries and uncover its hidden secrets that have kept fans coming back for more. Additionally, we'll explore the different film adaptations of the game, and delve deeper into the enduring appeal of one of the most beloved games of all time.

Zelig: 10 Curiosities and Facts

Explore the fascinating world of Woody Allen's 1983 mockumentary film, "Zelig". In this article we highlight 10 intriguing curiosities and facts that reveal the behind-the-scenes details, themes, and cultural significance of this iconic movie.

The Purple Rose of Cairo
The Purple Rose of Cairo: 10 curiosities and facts

Take a trip down memory lane with Woody Allen's "The Purple Rose of Cairo" - a timeless masterpiece shot entirely in New Jersey. Follow the charming and whimsical story of Cecilia brought to life by the iconic Mia Farrow, as she falls head over heels for a character on the silver screen. But did you know that the movie's stunning visuals were achieved through a combination of old-school special effects and cutting-edge technology?

Bullets Over Broadway
Bullets Over Broadway: 10 curiosities and facts

If you're a fan of Woody Allen's classic films, then you won't want to miss "Bullets over Broadway: 10 Curiosities and Facts"! This beloved movie is a captivating blend of drama, comedy, and music that transports you to the golden age of Hollywood. Here we'll take a closer look at 10 fascinating facts and curiosities about the making of the film and its talented cast. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just discovering "Bullets over Broadway" for the first time... this is a must-read for anyone who loves classic cinema.

Love and Death
Love and Death: 10 Curiosities and Facts

Get ready to delve into the hilarious world of Woody Allen's 1975 satirical comedy, "Love and Death", which parodies Russian literature and philosophy. In this article we present 10 fascinating curiosities and facts that shed light on the movie's production, themes, and lasting impact.

Midnight in Paris
Midnight in Paris: 10 curiosities and facts

Did you know that "Midnight in Paris" was Woody Allen's highest-grossing film of all time? Dive into the magical world of the film and discover 10 fascinating curiosities and facts including the inspiration behind the story, the impressive cast and the iconic Parisian locations that set the scene for this enchanting tale.

Match Point
Match Point: 10 curiosities and facts

Explore the world of "Match Point" like never before with these 10 fascinating curiosities and facts about the film. From the all-star cast to its thrilling plot twists, learn about the behind-the-scenes details that make this movie a classic of modern cinema.

Crimes and Misdemeanors
Crimes and Misdemeanors: 10 curiosities and facts

Discover fascinating insights into Woody Allen's 1989 masterpiece, "Crimes and Misdemeanors," with these 10 curiosities and facts. Learn about the film's all-star cast, Allen's inspirations for the story or the behind-the-scenes details that make this movie a timeless classic.

Hannah and her Sisters
Hannah and Her Sisters. 10 curiosities and facts

Did you know that "Hannah and Her Sisters" is one of Woody Allen's most successful films? Or that Michael Caine's character is a nod to his role in "Alfie"? Let's delve into one of Woody Allen's most successful films and discover 10 curiosities, interesting facts, and much more.

Manhattan: 10 curiosities and facts

Manhattan: 10 Curiosities and Facts" is a must-read article for Woody Allen fans and movie buffs alike. Delve into the iconic film's behind-the-scenes details including Allen's love-hate relationship with New York City, the casting changes that almost happened and the film's memorable black-and-white cinematography. Discover intriguing facts about the characters, locations, and music that make Manhattan a timeless classic in cinema history

Annie Hall
Annie Hall: 10 Curiosities and Facts

Discover the lesser-known details behind Woody Allen's 1977 classic romantic comedy, "Annie Hall". In this article we present 10 fascinating curiosities and facts that will take you behind the scenes and enhance your appreciation for this beloved film.

Woody Allen famous quotes
10 famous quotes by Woody Allen

Get ready to laugh and ponder with these 10 famous quotes by Woody Allen. Known for his unique perspective on life and love, Woody's wit is on full display in this collection of memorable one-liners.

Famous Quotes